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Trash the Dress Photography

Omaha’s Trusted Photography Experts

So many of your favorite celebrations have been carefully preserved in pictures and video. What decision deserves more attention and celebration than the one where you take back control of your life and your happiness? If you’re ready to start a new chapter in a bold and empowering way, let Falling Leaves Photography create a moment you’ll never want to forget with a Trash the Dress photo shoot.

We will help you capture the energy in this transformational moment when you were ready to let go of the past and move into your amazing future with strength and a clean slate

Unlimited access to your entire shoot with full printing permissions and without our watermark.

Each Trash the Dress Shoot is completely unique, both in visuals and energy.

From a cathartic release to an absolutely hilarious group shoot, we learn so much about the people we have the privilege to serve while watching them celebrate the end of one life and the beginning of the new. We are so grateful for the opportunity to be there for this rebirth!

Whether we’re shooting an amicable divorce party or an angst-ridden wrecking party, we love the strength and determination it takes to move forward. We are grateful for the opportunity to record your legacy of strength and fortitude!

Sometimes to start fresh, we have to burn it all down. Do it beautifully, confidently, and with our team behind you capturing every powerful moment.

Monday – Friday: 9AM – 5PM

Address: 2626 Harney Street • Omaha, NE 68131


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